Happy New Year!

It’s 2011, and I’m EXCITED!!

This may be cliché, but I feel just brimming with excitement for this year.

The wedding of one of my oldest, dearest friends is in 30 weeks. I’m going to look amazing.

Another oldest, dearest friend is back in town after far too long away. We are going to be cultured together and really fill a part of my soul that hasn’t seen much action lately.

I’m looking forward to lacing up my running shoes and hitting the trails.

I’m going back to work part-time this year and am grateful for the opportunity to balance my family and being able to contribute to our finances. Most importantly, we get health insurance!

My resolutions and goals are pretty much the same as they were last year. Improve health through exercise, nutrition, and better sleep habits. Be a better wife and mother, more patient and loving and care-taking (including taking care of house). Feel better about self, mostly through taking care of my body and appearance. Enjoy personal development through reading (get through to-read shelf!), friendship, meditation, and actively pursuing happiness. Save money. Organize house.

I have some tools and some priorities. I’ll share those next time!

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I did it! And then did it again!

I suck at blogging. And that’s all I have to say about that.

I mentioned in the last post about running a 5k before my birthday. Guess what! I did it! On a beautiful October day, I ran the full 5k distance, despite my training plan getting interrupted and delayed when Z was majorly (like hospital ICU) sick in August. Up until that day I had never been able to go the full distance without running. In fact, I never have again after that day either. I was with 2 friends, both much better runners than I (they just ran a 1/2 marathon a few weeks ago and kicked ass!), and they pushed me through. It was a great course, just a great experience. I think my time was 41:14.

After that, I started to slack off on running and decided I needed another goal to give me incentive. So I signed up to do a Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving in my hometown. I still didn’t feel I trained very consistently, but at least it did get me out there. The race was just over a week ago, on a chilly, wet morning. It was a hilly course and I did take some walking breaks to manage the hills, so I didn’t break my earlier record. My time was 42:29.

My birthday resolutions? Well, most of those I did not meet. But I’ll save that for another time.

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This thing is starting to read like my middle school diary – all full of angst, angst, drama, ecstasy, and then nothing for months. Every other entry started with a “sorry I haven’t written in so long…” (yes, I apologized to my diary. Or myself. I need to burn those.)

So, I’m not doing that. It’s July. Actually, it’s about an hour away from being August. Time has passed. I’ve lost about 15 pounds, but haven’t made any significant eating habit or exercise changes. Still doing bootcamp about twice a week.

I’ve gone running a few times with some of my friends, but haven’t been able to make it a habit yet. I’d like to try running a 5k. My birthday is about 10 weeks away – there’s no way I can meet my previous goals (the whole “hot by 35” thing), but I could train for a 5k right around then. I have found a few that are nearby around that time – I’m going to talk to my friends and see when they can do it with me. My feet feel fine when I run, but my knees hurt. I got some knee sleeves, but they don’t even begin to come up over my hefty thighs (and they are EXTRA LARGE), so I need to return them and come up with some other solution.  And I need to stick to a schedule. I’m going to run every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday or Sunday. OK, start tomorrow. (Ha, ha, always with the lofty goals late at night!) I put it into my Google calendar, so that should help. I already did my meal plan for this week and put them all on my Google calendar too! Yay, planning! I went to Costco, but still need to go to the regular grocery store tomorrow for some other stuff.

Speaking of Google calendar, it just sent me my warning email that bedtime is in 5 minutes! I’ve been doing a little better about that. It helps that Zoodle is 4 now and finally sleeping in his own bed, woot! So, I’m going to plug in my ipod to charge so I’ll be ready to run tomorrow. Night!

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Sunday, Lazy Sunday

Obviously, I’ve missed a few days here. More than a few, most of the week. I also neglected to keep my food journal on Sparkpeople most of the week, so hmph.

Let’s see. I stopped with Monday, right? On Tuesday I was supposed to babysit my friend’s kids while she went to a meeting. The carseat cover was still wet from washing it Monday, so I knew we’d have to walk over there (about 1.5 mi) and leave pretty soon after our normal wakeup time to get there on time. I didn’t sleep well that night, with anxiety that we’d sleep in (despite the alarm), worry that we wouldn’t get everything we’d need together on time, worry I wouldn’t be able to get Z out the door during his normal TV time, etc. Eventually I just got up early myself to prep and Z woke up at our regular time. Long story short, my friend called and changed the time for another hour later, so we had plenty of time to get ready and walk ourselves over there. I babysat her sweet little baby for a bit, and then we walked back home.

my walk there

my walk home (I recalibrated my Nike+ on the 2nd walk to match the distance according to Google Maps, which is why they are listed differently)

I literally spent the rest of the day laying down. I don’t know why, but I was totally wiped out. I did keep a food journal that day, but it ain’t pretty. B-fast and lunch were fine, but dinner consisted of a whole bowl full of guacamole and half a bag of tortilla chips. (Totals were: 2,598 calories, 351 carbs, 115 fat, and 48 protein)

Wednesday was kinda dreary as I recall. We went to do a kids’ craft project at the library, then met some friends for lunch at the mall (Z had cheese pizza, I had Taco Bell bean burritos). Rode the little train at the mall, and literally wondered about weight limits on that thing. I don’t remember much else, but my food journal shows that I made a yummy supper – roasted broccoli and this great quinoa pilaf-ish dish with almonds and dried cranberries. That sounds virtuous, but it also shows that I had 3 (THREE!) bagels with earth balance. One was mine for breakfast, one was Z’s that he only had a few bites out of so I finished it rather than tossing it, and one was a nighttime snack. That’s clearly a problem. Totals for that day were: 2,299 calories, 360 carbs, 74 fat, 59 protein.

Thursday, well, Thursday was a hard day. We were supposed to have a get-together that night at my friend’s house, but her child got sick, so I volunteered to host it instead. My house was a disaster. Instead of going to Mommy Bootcamp, I stayed home to clean. I babysat for a friend again that afternoon for several hours, and then had a bunch of people over to my house. Honestly, I ate very little that day, because I was just go-go-going. But that night, I just had no control. Tons of hummus and pita chips, (dark) chocolate covered pretzels, tortilla chips and salsa, wine, beer, etc, etc.  No tracking that day.

Friday, Z and I didn’t even wake up until 9:30. I was tired from the day before, I don’t know what his excuse was! But 9:30 is when we usually leave for Bootcamp, so that didn’t happen for the second day in a row! I had other opportunities that day to be active – we went to a friend’s house in the morning, and Starbucks in the afternoon, both of which are less than a mile away and totally walkable – but I didn’t take them. I was in a grumpy mood, as I recall. I think we had tacos that night. Didn’t journal at all.

Saturday and Sunday were both just lazy days at home. And both days, Z and I slept in again until like 10 or 11! So strange. I think his allergies are bothering him.Last night my husband got home pretty early so I got to go out with a friend. We went for dinner, but a rather vegan-unfriendly place, so I just had salad and a couple of cocktails. Today, he only worked a half-day, so I spent some QT on the couch catching up on some Tivo’ed shows. We got take-out tonight (mine from this vegetarian Chinese dive) and I stuffed myself. I felt so sick afterwards, I actually contemplating trying to throw up just to get rid of the pressure in my stomach. Ick. And yet, just a little while ago I was thinking of going back and finishing my leftovers. NO! STOP! No journalling at all.

Today starts a 10 week weight loss challenge with my friends. It would be great to win it, the pot is up to almost $200. I’m going to start the Eat 2 Live menu plan and definitely go to bootcamp tomorrow!

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Spring Cleaning

Wow, I woke up today with some energy! Maaaaaybe it has to do with the full night sleep I had? Hmmm?

Breakfast = everything bagel, EB, my coffee (Silk creamer and Splenda). The us-. I got an email from our normal Mommy Bootcamp buddies that they wouldn’t be there, so I really contemplated skipping it. But I dragged myself there, promising Z he could watch his DVD player since his friends wouldn’t be there. Which I then promptly forgot. Oops. He managed, and so did I, although my knee was bothering me, especially on the lateral moves (and we did a lot of shuffles!). I think I’m going to get some knee sleeves for support.

Afterwards, we went to Target. My goal was to get some stackable baskets for the kitchen because right now our non-fridge foods (potatoes, onions, tomatoes, avocados, etc) are all just in various bowls and taking up a lot of counter space. I managed to only spend $50, which is good for a Target run! They just opened a full grocery at our local store, so we got a few things there. I was happy to see that they carry Boca crumbles, which our regular grocery store doesn’t (they have Morningstar and Quorn, but neither are vegan). We don’t do much processed food anymore, and I like very few faux meats, but we like having tacos sometimes on the rare quick-n-easy nights.

Back at home we had lunch. I forget what Z had, but I had some more of my leftover pizza. We did our homeschool (butterflies this week!) including a cool butterfly suncatcher art project. THEN we got hardcore. We went outside to clean the car. Emptied it of all the mail, discarded jackets, trash, rogue sippy cups (and travel coffee cups, to be honest). Hauled out the Dyson on an extension cord and vacuumed every inch. Wiped down all the vinyl with baby wipes. The only thing I didn’t do was clean the windows, which I should have. I even stripped the cover and straps off of Z’s carseat and washed it for the first time, EVER, in over 3 years of near daily use. It was GRIMY, to say the least. I even washed the car, with lots of help from my little assistant. I do still have to either wash or vacuum the floor mats (or replace them?) and put them back in.

WHEW! After all that, I didn’t have energy to cook supper. I just heated up some instant brown rice and canned black beans. I put salsa on mine and served them with a big salad for me (with Annie’s lite ginger dressing), and just broccoli and sliced carrots for Z. I was supposed to go to my book club last night, but my husband got home from work too late for me to make it (8:40 UGH). Late, around 10ish, I was peckish and finally had the last slice of my pizza. No more larges just for me. Oh, I also had a bowl of Puffins cereal with ricemilk in there somewhere.

Sparkpeople totals:
Calories: 1,493 (goal range 1,460 – 1,810) Perfect!
Carbs: 190 (192 – 278) Great!
Fat: 64 (38 – 66) A tad high, but in range
Protein: 42 (60 – 150) eek!

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Marching for the bebes

We did the March of Dimes March for Babies today and Z really loved it. “Are we marching for the sick babies now, Mama?” “Yup! We sure are, honey!” A friend of mine from my mommy club had twins at 24 weeks last June, one of whom sadly passed away after 3 days. The other one is doing pretty well at home right now. We marched in honor of her boys and had T-shirts with their names/pictures/footprints. It was really touching to have such a personal connection with the work of the March of Dimes. Our team raised over $4,000!

I started with an everything bagel with Earth Balance and a coffee, as usual. (Note to self, explore other breakfasts!) Before the March started, I had a banana from the snack area. Then we set off for 4.5 miles! It was hilly and at times I could really feel it in my butt, but otherwise the course seemed shorter than it did last year. Maybe that means we’re all in better shape than we were then? My Nike+ said that we walked 5.3 miles, so I don’t know if the course was long, or if my Nike+ sensor needs to be recalibrated, or what. It took us almost exactly 2 hours, so that’s either a 26 minute mile pace, or a 22 minute mile pace.

It was a chilly, windy sort of day, which sucks since we’ve been having GOR-GE-OUS weather the past 2 weeks. It was the coldest it’s been here in almost a month. When we got back to the staging area (the courtyard/plaza of an outdoor shopping center), it was really too cold to linger for long. We got our free Subway sandwiches (I got a Veggie Delite, of course, and picked the cheese off) and an apple, and wolfed those down while the kids danced to the live music. Soon after that, we were on our way home. I really thought Z would nap in the car – he was close to nodding off toward the end of the March – but no luck.

Back at home, I fed him lunch (he’s not a Subway fan), and then just crashed! I don’t know why, it wasn’t a very long walk for me. It wasn’t even my longest walk of the week! My left knee and foot were hurting, so I iced them both. I tried to get Z to lay down with me while watching TV thinking he might nod off so I could nap too, but he didn’t. I did zone out but never got to really nap. For snacks, I had a bowl of Puffins cereal with rice milk, and some organic no-salt blue tortilla chips with refried bean “dip” (really just fat-free refried beans microwaved with salsa).

By the time my husband got home from work around 7 (on a SUNDAY. ugh!) I was completely wiped. I told him to feed himself and Z leftover pizza for dinner while I went and soaked in the tub for a little bit. After putting the little guy to bed, I had 2 pieces of my leftover pizza (no cheese, with olives, onions, green peppers, and tomatoes) and 1 breadstick. I went to bed at about 10:30, which is crazy early for me, but obviously I really needed it!

Totals for today according to Sparkpeople:
Calories: 1752 (goal 1,460-1,810) right on target!
Carbs: 277 (192 – 278) just squeaking by in range
Fats: 56 (38 – 66) within range
Protein: 46 (60 – 150) under goal, be more aware of this.

So, not bad! Still could’ve had more F&V in there and less carbs, but I’m getting there.

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Hi! We woke up a little late this morning and had to hurry to shower and get ready for our club meeting this morning. I had a plain Thomas’ bagel with a little Earth Balance (fat and salt, my friends, fat and salt), and a cup of coffee with Silk creamer and 2 packets of Splenda. I’m back to Splenda after using agave for awhile.  I’ll link to the article that changed my mind about agave another time. Someday maybe I’ll try to give up coffee entirely, or at least the sweetener in it, but that day is not today. Z just watched about an hour of TV this morning, which is progress on my goal with that.

After our meeting, Z and I spent a few hours hanging out at the playground with some friends. We didn’t have time or groceries to pack a lunch so we stopped at Chipotle. I got a vegan salad (lettuce, black beans, tomato salsa, corn salsa, and guacamole). Z used to like their black beans and quesadilla but lately he hasn’t been eating it. Today I don’t think he took a bite. That might be good – it was sort of the last place we could get takeout and if he’s not eating it anymore that will end our dependece on it and I’ll just have to cook!

After a stop at Trader Joe’s (LOVE), we came home and did our homeschool and some cleaning. We also had some snacks. Too much snacks in retrospect. I had a some peanut butter Puffins cereal with vanilla rice milk. And then some bread (eek) with TJ’s olive tapenade (eek).

Neither of us were very hungry for dinner a few hours later, but I still ate plenty. Too much. I feel pretty stuffed now, actually. Dinner was whole wheat pasta and tomato sauce (not homemade, but “heart healthy” and really minimal ingredients) and Tofurkey Italian sausages. And a glass of lovely Vinho Verde wine.

So, I plugged it all into SparkPeople. Not surprisingly, I went over my goal (in parentheses) in calories, fat and carbs.

Calories 2301 (1460-1810)
Carbs 287 (193-278)
Fat 81 (38-66)
Protein 104 (60-150)

Definitely could’ve used more fruits and veggies too. Oy. OK! Do better tomorrow!

The good news is that I have lost a little weight this week. About 3-4 lbs I think. I’ve been going to bootcamp 2-3 times a week and gone on a few long walks lately. Yay! So I’m really going to work on the food issue and hope it will all come together!

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