Hi! We woke up a little late this morning and had to hurry to shower and get ready for our club meeting this morning. I had a plain Thomas’ bagel with a little Earth Balance (fat and salt, my friends, fat and salt), and a cup of coffee with Silk creamer and 2 packets of Splenda. I’m back to Splenda after using agave for awhile.  I’ll link to the article that changed my mind about agave another time. Someday maybe I’ll try to give up coffee entirely, or at least the sweetener in it, but that day is not today. Z just watched about an hour of TV this morning, which is progress on my goal with that.

After our meeting, Z and I spent a few hours hanging out at the playground with some friends. We didn’t have time or groceries to pack a lunch so we stopped at Chipotle. I got a vegan salad (lettuce, black beans, tomato salsa, corn salsa, and guacamole). Z used to like their black beans and quesadilla but lately he hasn’t been eating it. Today I don’t think he took a bite. That might be good – it was sort of the last place we could get takeout and if he’s not eating it anymore that will end our dependece on it and I’ll just have to cook!

After a stop at Trader Joe’s (LOVE), we came home and did our homeschool and some cleaning. We also had some snacks. Too much snacks in retrospect. I had a some peanut butter Puffins cereal with vanilla rice milk. And then some bread (eek) with TJ’s olive tapenade (eek).

Neither of us were very hungry for dinner a few hours later, but I still ate plenty. Too much. I feel pretty stuffed now, actually. Dinner was whole wheat pasta and tomato sauce (not homemade, but “heart healthy” and really minimal ingredients) and Tofurkey Italian sausages. And a glass of lovely Vinho Verde wine.

So, I plugged it all into SparkPeople. Not surprisingly, I went over my goal (in parentheses) in calories, fat and carbs.

Calories 2301 (1460-1810)
Carbs 287 (193-278)
Fat 81 (38-66)
Protein 104 (60-150)

Definitely could’ve used more fruits and veggies too. Oy. OK! Do better tomorrow!

The good news is that I have lost a little weight this week. About 3-4 lbs I think. I’ve been going to bootcamp 2-3 times a week and gone on a few long walks lately. Yay! So I’m really going to work on the food issue and hope it will all come together!

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