Marching for the bebes

We did the March of Dimes March for Babies today and Z really loved it. “Are we marching for the sick babies now, Mama?” “Yup! We sure are, honey!” A friend of mine from my mommy club had twins at 24 weeks last June, one of whom sadly passed away after 3 days. The other one is doing pretty well at home right now. We marched in honor of her boys and had T-shirts with their names/pictures/footprints. It was really touching to have such a personal connection with the work of the March of Dimes. Our team raised over $4,000!

I started with an everything bagel with Earth Balance and a coffee, as usual. (Note to self, explore other breakfasts!) Before the March started, I had a banana from the snack area. Then we set off for 4.5 miles! It was hilly and at times I could really feel it in my butt, but otherwise the course seemed shorter than it did last year. Maybe that means we’re all in better shape than we were then? My Nike+ said that we walked 5.3 miles, so I don’t know if the course was long, or if my Nike+ sensor needs to be recalibrated, or what. It took us almost exactly 2 hours, so that’s either a 26 minute mile pace, or a 22 minute mile pace.

It was a chilly, windy sort of day, which sucks since we’ve been having GOR-GE-OUS weather the past 2 weeks. It was the coldest it’s been here in almost a month. When we got back to the staging area (the courtyard/plaza of an outdoor shopping center), it was really too cold to linger for long. We got our free Subway sandwiches (I got a Veggie Delite, of course, and picked the cheese off) and an apple, and wolfed those down while the kids danced to the live music. Soon after that, we were on our way home. I really thought Z would nap in the car – he was close to nodding off toward the end of the March – but no luck.

Back at home, I fed him lunch (he’s not a Subway fan), and then just crashed! I don’t know why, it wasn’t a very long walk for me. It wasn’t even my longest walk of the week! My left knee and foot were hurting, so I iced them both. I tried to get Z to lay down with me while watching TV thinking he might nod off so I could nap too, but he didn’t. I did zone out but never got to really nap. For snacks, I had a bowl of Puffins cereal with rice milk, and some organic no-salt blue tortilla chips with refried bean “dip” (really just fat-free refried beans microwaved with salsa).

By the time my husband got home from work around 7 (on a SUNDAY. ugh!) I was completely wiped. I told him to feed himself and Z leftover pizza for dinner while I went and soaked in the tub for a little bit. After putting the little guy to bed, I had 2 pieces of my leftover pizza (no cheese, with olives, onions, green peppers, and tomatoes) and 1 breadstick. I went to bed at about 10:30, which is crazy early for me, but obviously I really needed it!

Totals for today according to Sparkpeople:
Calories: 1752 (goal 1,460-1,810) right on target!
Carbs: 277 (192 – 278) just squeaking by in range
Fats: 56 (38 – 66) within range
Protein: 46 (60 – 150) under goal, be more aware of this.

So, not bad! Still could’ve had more F&V in there and less carbs, but I’m getting there.

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