Spring Cleaning

Wow, I woke up today with some energy! Maaaaaybe it has to do with the full night sleep I had? Hmmm?

Breakfast = everything bagel, EB, my coffee (Silk creamer and Splenda). The us-. I got an email from our normal Mommy Bootcamp buddies that they wouldn’t be there, so I really contemplated skipping it. But I dragged myself there, promising Z he could watch his DVD player since his friends wouldn’t be there. Which I then promptly forgot. Oops. He managed, and so did I, although my knee was bothering me, especially on the lateral moves (and we did a lot of shuffles!). I think I’m going to get some knee sleeves for support.

Afterwards, we went to Target. My goal was to get some stackable baskets for the kitchen because right now our non-fridge foods (potatoes, onions, tomatoes, avocados, etc) are all just in various bowls and taking up a lot of counter space. I managed to only spend $50, which is good for a Target run! They just opened a full grocery at our local store, so we got a few things there. I was happy to see that they carry Boca crumbles, which our regular grocery store doesn’t (they have Morningstar and Quorn, but neither are vegan). We don’t do much processed food anymore, and I like very few faux meats, but we like having tacos sometimes on the rare quick-n-easy nights.

Back at home we had lunch. I forget what Z had, but I had some more of my leftover pizza. We did our homeschool (butterflies this week!) including a cool butterfly suncatcher art project. THEN we got hardcore. We went outside to clean the car. Emptied it of all the mail, discarded jackets, trash, rogue sippy cups (and travel coffee cups, to be honest). Hauled out the Dyson on an extension cord and vacuumed every inch. Wiped down all the vinyl with baby wipes. The only thing I didn’t do was clean the windows, which I should have. I even stripped the cover and straps off of Z’s carseat and washed it for the first time, EVER, in over 3 years of near daily use. It was GRIMY, to say the least. I even washed the car, with lots of help from my little assistant. I do still have to either wash or vacuum the floor mats (or replace them?) and put them back in.

WHEW! After all that, I didn’t have energy to cook supper. I just heated up some instant brown rice and canned black beans. I put salsa on mine and served them with a big salad for me (with Annie’s lite ginger dressing), and just broccoli and sliced carrots for Z. I was supposed to go to my book club last night, but my husband got home from work too late for me to make it (8:40 UGH). Late, around 10ish, I was peckish and finally had the last slice of my pizza. No more larges just for me. Oh, I also had a bowl of Puffins cereal with ricemilk in there somewhere.

Sparkpeople totals:
Calories: 1,493 (goal range 1,460 – 1,810) Perfect!
Carbs: 190 (192 – 278) Great!
Fat: 64 (38 – 66) A tad high, but in range
Protein: 42 (60 – 150) eek!

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