This thing is starting to read like my middle school diary – all full of angst, angst, drama, ecstasy, and then nothing for months. Every other entry started with a “sorry I haven’t written in so long…” (yes, I apologized to my diary. Or myself. I need to burn those.)

So, I’m not doing that. It’s July. Actually, it’s about an hour away from being August. Time has passed. I’ve lost about 15 pounds, but haven’t made any significant eating habit or exercise changes. Still doing bootcamp about twice a week.

I’ve gone running a few times with some of my friends, but haven’t been able to make it a habit yet. I’d like to try running a 5k. My birthday is about 10 weeks away – there’s no way I can meet my previous goals (the whole “hot by 35” thing), but I could train for a 5k right around then. I have found a few that are nearby around that time – I’m going to talk to my friends and see when they can do it with me. My feet feel fine when I run, but my knees hurt. I got some knee sleeves, but they don’t even begin to come up over my hefty thighs (and they are EXTRA LARGE), so I need to return them and come up with some other solution.  And I need to stick to a schedule. I’m going to run every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday or Sunday. OK, start tomorrow. (Ha, ha, always with the lofty goals late at night!) I put it into my Google calendar, so that should help. I already did my meal plan for this week and put them all on my Google calendar too! Yay, planning! I went to Costco, but still need to go to the regular grocery store tomorrow for some other stuff.

Speaking of Google calendar, it just sent me my warning email that bedtime is in 5 minutes! I’ve been doing a little better about that. It helps that Zoodle is 4 now and finally sleeping in his own bed, woot! So, I’m going to plug in my ipod to charge so I’ll be ready to run tomorrow. Night!

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