About Me

Hi! Welcome to Joyful Jamila. My name is Julie, although I go by Jamila as often as not (long story). I’m a thirtysomething mom in suburbia, trying to infuse meaning and purpose into my everyday whitebread life.

I have a pretty awesome husband, but he’s not down with the whole blogging thing so much, so I won’t talk about him a lot. I’m lucky to parent a totally incredible little guy, whom I call Zoodle. He’s so funny and energetic and entertaining. He can have his occasional 3 year old bouts of drama, but they’re usually easily calmed.

I live in Virginia, in the DC metro area, have a strong interest in international affairs, and looooove to read. I also like to stay up late, but that needs to change.

I’m an ethical vegan, which means I don’t eat any meat, eggs, or dairy. I’m also limiting my future consumption of other non-food animal products (leather, down, wool, lanolin, cosmetic products, etc), but that’s an ongoing process. I’m sure I’ll write a long-winded post about why I chose to become a vegan, and probably many more posts about why I think veganism is awesome. So when I do that, I will link to them here.

Thanks for joining me!


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